Extravagant Care Services, Inc

Since our founding in 1997, Extravagant Care Services has worked to empower and transform Northeast Ohio through community-building & inclusion, and affordable housing services. 

our partners are the communities of ward 7 in greater cleveland, oh

our mission

transforming our community
& celebrating our diverse heritage

Housing Services

Housing Services

Real estate in Ward 7 is ripe with promise. Affordable housing services in this area is one of our core missions.

Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion

We’re equally passionate about highlighting the artistic and creative opportunities throughout the areas we serve.


With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. We provide community and in-home care services to individuals diagnosed with mental, physical, or emotional challenges needing assistance with their daily activities.


Whether it is murals, creative placemaking, or cultural events, we connect people with opportunities that transform our community and celebrate our diverse heritage. Cleveland Asian Festival, Cleveland Festival, Summer Youth Festival, and Leo's Casino Radio Music Series are some of our cornerstone events that attract people from all over.


We work to promote and facilitate real estate development in Ward 7 and throughout the Greater Cleveland region. We also advocate for housing renovations in order to retain residents while providing beautified, remodeled housing.

What makes
Ward 7 special?

Ward 7 is a grouping of diverse neighborhoods in the Greater Cleveland region of Ohio, including St. Clair Superior, Hough, AsiaTown and Midtown. This region has a rich and dynamic heritage and is filled with hardworking residents, innovative businesses, and cultural attractions. Our goal is to highlight the beauty and promise of this area in order to encourage development.

a holistic approach

One Mission,
Several Initiatives

Extravagant Services has several initiatives, each with the goal of highlighting, acknowledging, and revitalizing the neighborhoods of Ward 7. Take a look at…


leo’s casino radio

Leo’s Casino was a premier showcase in Cleveland for R&B and Motown artists. Our station is in honor of this renowned venue.


brightstar Cleveland radio

BrightStar Cleveland Radio was not only created to change the narrative of Ward 7 by discussing its incredible people and the positive features and benefits of this Ward, It also highlights other communities that make up the Greater Cleveland region.

Median property value in Cleveland
% Home ownership rate in Cleveland
Number of African American residents in Cleveland

knowledge is power

Sometimes, all it takes to change the world is a little support. But you have to know what – and who – you’re supporting. That’s why advocacy and awareness is just as important to us as service and entertainment. We’re working to make sure that businesses, industries, and local governments know the history, legacy, and power of Ward 7 so that they’ll invest in it.


Your Donations Help

Every dollar we receive helps us to advocate for and provide services to Ward 7 and surrounding communities. That includes supporting our online radio stations, Leo’s Casino Radio and BrightStar Cleveland Radio.

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